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Kirana stores in Assam offer banking services to 40,000 customers in flood-affected villages

MUMBAI: In a relief effort, the residents of flood-affected Assam have now received help from Business Correspondents (BCs) of PayNearby. They are sailing on boats to offer essential banking and financial services to the villages. With the aid of Micro ATM and Aadhaar ATM, they are helping citizens across 265 flood-hit villages to avail cash withdrawal services.

For a population of over three crore, the floods have considerably impacted the economy of Assam, affecting more than 31.54 lakh in 26 districts. During these times, the citizens have little to no access to services or even cash on hand to consider buying necessities. The BC network in India has played a crucial role in ensuring that the general public’s access to essential financial services is not interrupted and made available at their doorsteps.

PayNearby’s network of over 20,000 retail partners in Assam is putting its best foot forward to serve as the cash disbursal points. These retailers commute on foot or in small boats, converting them into cash points, equipped with AePS biometric devices and Micro ATMs to provide cash to the underprivileged in the affected areas.

In a statement, Anand Kumar Bajaj, Founder, MD & CEO, PayNearby, said, “It is a tough time for the citizens of Assam. Reaching out to their doorsteps and aiding them with cash is the need of the hour. Our retail partners are at the forefront, ensuring that people in these areas have uninterrupted access to cash to endure the flood and its aftermath. More than 40,000 villagers have used the service, withdrawing around 20 crores.

Source – The Economic Times.


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